Since its establishment, Taiying Technology, with its reliable delivery capability, has been widely praised by cooperative customers, and has also become an industry leader recognized by many national ministries and relevant institutions.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China:
• Executive vice chairman unit of Information Technology Service Industry Alliance
• Chairman unit of Call Center and E-commerce Back ground Professional Committee
• Top ten Leading Enterprises of Service Outsourcing in China
Ministry of Commerce:
• Key Contact Service Outsourcing Enterprises
State Administration of Market Supervision:
• State Service Outsourcing Standardization Unit
All China Federation of Trade Unions
Model Worker's Home
Central Committee of the Communist Youth League
• Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Internship Base
• Shandong May Day Labor Medal, 2020
• The Most Valuable Digital Transformation Financial Service Provider, 2020
• 2020 Excellent Service Award of China Customer Contact Center
• CCCS China Customer Contact Center Best Intelligent Solution Award
Authentication Passed:
1、Double soft enterprise
2、ISO9001 Quality Management System
3、ISO27001 Information Security Management System
4、4PS Contact Center International Standard.
5、Software Maturity CMMI 3