Honors Gained

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China:
• Executive vice chairman unit of Information Technology Service Industry Alliance
• Chairman unit of Call Center and E-commerce Back ground Professional Committee
• Top ten Leading Enterprises of Service Outsourcing in China
Ministry of Commerce:
• Key Contact Service Outsourcing Enterprises
• State Administration of Market Supervision
• State Service Outsourcing Standardization Unit
All China Federation of Trade Unions
Model Worker's Home
Central Committee of the Communist Youth League
• Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Internship Base
• Shandong May Day Labor Medal, 2020
• The Most Valuable Digital Transformation Financial Service Provider, 2020
• 2020 Excellent Service Award of China Customer Contact Center
• CCCS China Customer Contact Center Best Intelligent Solution Award
Authentication Passed:
1、High-technology enterprise
2、Double soft enterprise
3、ISO9001 Quality Management System
4、ISO27001 Information Security Management System
5、4PS Contact Center International Standard.
6、Software Maturity CMMI 3